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My Blog is all about my love of soul Funk R&B soulful house. I hope I can put together some good mix's that you will atleast like. A thank you will be nice but not expected as Lots of blogs shut down as people take but not say a thanks me unlike all the othere music blogs i dont want anything from you . but as I said I don't expect anything . so thanks for your visit enjoy it . out

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunday, 6 March 2011

kiss canaries

Hello you soul peopel you . come take a look and listen to

Monday, 14 January 2008


If you want to download the mix's all you got to do is
at the end of all the posts follow the links good luck

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

R&B mix 2

I have started this Mix of with can we talk by Tevin Campbell it don't really fit but its a bloody good tune . so here is the R&B mix 2 some of you have been emailing me for its full of classics full tunes no cuts just a little mix in there hope its up to your liking ??? . you dont need to unzip

Can we talk -Tevin Campbell

Im the only player - Melieck Britt

Vibe - Zhane

Get up on the floor - Siani

Come on - Billy Lawrence

In a magazine - 911

Whatever - En Vogue

You dont wanna miss - Ror Real

Love like mine - Zakiya

The one for me - Rahsaan Patterson

Dont talk - Jon B

This i promise you - D-vas

Monday, 31 December 2007

Travel soul unmixs

when I used to travel in Switzerland as a DJ I hade one thing to keep me going in the long houres drive that's my love of soul . Here is some tracks I think you will love And all are not mixed just the way soul should be .

Alton McClain & Destiny - making room for love

Barry White - Girl It's True, Yes I'll Always Love You

Barry White - September When I First Met You

Bill Withers - Let Me Be The One You Need

Bill Withers - Tender Things

Carl Carlton - This Feelings Rated Xtra

Controllers - My Secret Fantasy

Gerald Alston - Take Me Where You Want To

Howard Hewett - crystal clear

Kashif - Help yourself to my love

Keni Burke - Never Stop Lovin' Me

Love Unlimited - If You Want Me Say It

Paris - I Choose You

Tyrone Davis - In The Mood

Rocie Robbins - You And Me

Walter Jackson - It's Cool

Funk mix 6

So here it is the last one for 2007 . this one is for my 2 boys o and j love you sons . and to all that visited this blog thank you and a happy new year to you .

so down to this is a sweet funk mix 6 I hope you all like it you just follow the link at the end of this post . My love mix's hade over a 2000 downloads ... so i am out of here thanks out

so here we go funk mix 6

Chic - Everrybody dance

Stephanie mills - you cant run from my love

Skyy - show me the way

The ronnie MC - Neir Experience come be with me

Advance - Take me to the top

Starpoint - Its all yours

Surface - Falling in love

Central line - Walking on sunshine

Micheal Wycoff - Do you realy love me tell me love

Kool & the Gang - Steppin out

Dayton - Compilation

Saturday, 15 December 2007

love mix

15 dec 2008
Soryy sorry sorry
ok this mix is short but sweet ( as the saying say) i hope you all have a great chrismas and a happy news year . and to you all that have come to my blog thanks . And to all kiss fm listeners in sweden thanks from my heart this is for you all . jamie and oliver you are my life my sons i love you . to j happy christmas you young young man you haha .
this mix is so sweet youll fall in love just press this link at the end of this post
Angie Stone . pop pop
Tamika Scott . Why did I Get Married
Will Downing . Fantasy spending time with you
Will Downing . After Tonight (Between The Sheets Remix)
Mario . What is it gonna be
Joe . Sweeter than sugar
Musiq soulchild . Millionaire
Eric Roberson . The Moon
Eric Roberson . For Da Love Of Da Game (Feat. Raheem DeVaughn & V)
tuomo . dont take it too hard

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

kiss fm

A MIXS IS COMING TODAY 15th dec AT about 5 uk time

whats up guys sorry ill post somthing soon you can listen to me on the radio at this addres on kiss fm press listen up or add this to your player in your url ill have a mixs soon i am on at 12 till 15 modays to fridays thats swedish time or just go here and youll see kiss fm

Monday, 23 April 2007

Funk mix 5

Funk mixs 5 . Sorry about the long wait . So what can i say mmm enjoy and let me no what you think and if you want to put this on a blog do so or any page you like. All I will say is if you like the songs look in my links and buy the single albums . I dont want to write about this mix as its up to your ears what you think . don't just take write what you think . it keeps this alive and if you dont want this blog to go on stop writing .out ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Act like you know - Fat larrys band
I am sombody - Glenn jones
Loves coming at ya - Melba moore
you get the best from me (say say say) - Alicia myers
I found lovin - Fatback banb
Mine all mine - Cashflow
keep the fire burning - Gwen Mccrae
You cant hide your love - David joseph
The medicine song - Stepanie mills
After the dance is through (original 12) Krystol
Ill be a freak for you - Royalle delite
You used to hold me so tight (original 12) Thelma houston
This time - Funk Deluxe
Love dont come easy - New jersey connection

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Dj mells top soul tunes

Here is my top 10 soul tunes and There is some stormer in this .I have put a lot of thought in to this as I could do a top 100 easy but you no time is a killer

I love all the tunes in this (I really hope you do to. all the songs have a story in them for me but i will not share them with you. I share the tunes with you and like normal you get the fall song no cuts no jingles just sweet muisc in the mix or bleds. if you have a top 10 let me no ill see what i can do . ..out
1 - You dont have to cry - Rene & angela
2 - Its my turn - bobby Glover
3 - Mellow mellow right on - Lowrell
4 - Risin to the top - Keni Burke
5 - buttercups - Carl Anderson
6 - pick up the pieces - Joanna Gardner
7 - Come go with me - Teddy Pendergrass
8 - I want to be your man - Zapp
9 - Give me the sunshine - Leos sunshipp
10 - Headline news - william bell

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Slow jams 2

Here is slow jams 2 . more of a blend than a mix (you'll see what i mean) . its some really sweet tunes. I have put the full 12 inch of Always and forever heatwave .. top tune.. If you wanna bit of love in your life this will help ( i say help) OK if you can not fall in love try to take him or her to a roller coaster ride and shock him/her in to love have fun out
Dawn this ones for you. My life was better knowing you and sadder you have gone ....RIP G
Always and forever - heatwave - 12 inch
Hope that we can be together - Sharon paige & H M
Magic man - Robert winters & fall
Lovers - babyface
Love TKO - Regina belle
Games - Bobby womaack
Bebe & cece winans
God must love you - Babyface
Come go with me Teddy Pendergrass
smoke one - Anthony David

Thursday, 29 March 2007

soulfull house 2

here it is soulfull house 2 . I was amazed at the downloads of soulfull house 1 .Thnaks for your nice words. the more you ask the more you get . I have to point out that in the mix youll here roaschford love this tune its like so sweet with hes vocals and full intention mix is just outstanding . have fun with this and leave what you think this is so uplifting.... out

Flowers - Soul Dhamma
The way you love me - Ron hall
Get over here - Rasmus Faber
River of love ( full intention ) - Roaschford .. top tune
Yuo can make it - Shawn christopher
Nightlights - Polyphonics
Viva Lamore - Physics
Tell me why - Mojo Project
Ill be good - Soul Rebels
Whatever you want - Breakpont

Thursday, 22 March 2007

soulfull house

this is for Sal who asked for some house. Ok its soul house sal but this blog is all about soul funk R&B so I mixsed this today its a great mix let me no what you think Sal enjoy out

Mine - AFTC ft Lindsay
Portuguses love - Bah samba
A wonderful place - blaze ft Ultra nate
Crazy - Brad holland
Picture me falling - D.U.S.K FT Christine baily
I want it - Davidson Ospina
Change for me - Erro
Golden - Jill Scott
Whatcha gonna do - Jon Cutler
Misery - Kimara lovelace
inside my soul - Liquid people
My heart belongs to you - Melba moore
keep the funk alive - Orang muse

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Soul lounge 2

Here is some sweet soul . all the song on this are out standing I have to say Mica paris has done a great work on Sixth street I love the lovers rock Version from the 70s or 80s mmm anyway this starts out real slowwww then picks up to get your soul food vibes moving . so i hope you like this out

In The Rain - Boney James (Feat. Dwele)
Days like this - Kenny Lattimore ( Black sand mix)
Bad days Company - Luther Vandross
Dreamin of one ( good love) - Trina Broussard
Sweet misery - Amel Larrieux
for you - Jack Herrera
Sixth street - Mica Paris
Cloud 9 - Donnie ( Dj spinna mix)
Gant get over you - Brigette Mcwilliams
for goodness sake - K . Fox
Dance - Sara Devine
Its good to be loved - Ronee Martin
Tell me - Tiffany
No matter what ill do - Donald Mccollum

Saturday, 17 March 2007

soul Collection

Some times a song comes along that will always remember you of a person or persons
.Sometime hate some times love some time a good friend .
In this colliction its my love of some great friends
I hope you will like this real soul collection .

cryistal clear - Howard Hewett
I choose you - paris
Im back for more - Al Johnson jean carn
My kinda woman - Bloodstones
You and me - Rockie robbins
Give me the sunshine - Leos sunshipp
Youll never know - Hi gloss
Its just the way i feel - Gene hunlap & ridgeways
Headline news - William bell
Heaven sent - Stanly clark & Howard Hewett
Downy let love get you down - Archie bell & the drells

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Funk mix 4

So here is funk mix 4 . Its a great blend of some of my old school dance days . I hope you like it . I would normaly post my stuff on some othere pages but I have no time if you got a page and you can post this do so . have fun out

Link at end of this post copy and past and go

Hit & run - Loleatta Halloway
Chief Inspector - Wally badarou
Moneys to tight to mention - Valentine Brotheres
Its gonna be alright - cheryl Lynn
Im in love - Evelyn King
Number one - Patrice Rushen
Loves comin at cha - Melba Moore
Say yeah - the limit
Cant keep holding on - Second Image
Lollipop luv - Bryan Loron
The limit Shes so Divine
Hot fun in the summertime - Dayton

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Love Launge

Love launge is a blend of some of the sweetest songs I can put together. Ok I can go on for ever but I have not the time . If you want your partner to fall in love you can take them on a roller coaster and hope you can shocked them in to lover or play this nice slow jams Hope you like it? out.

PS you can give me feed back if you like to download just follw the link at end of post

List of songs

Love lounge 1
In my song - Gerald Levert
Deep as it goes - Gerald Levert
Cloud 9 Ahmir
Shes worth the troubale - J Valentine
Greatestlove - Musiq soulchild
Falling in love again - Blackstreet
Ms Philadelphia - Musiq soulchild
Valentine - Lloyd
Groove DJ - Liv Warfield
Good girls - Joe
Ghetto child - Joe
Tonights the night - blackstreet

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Soul lounge 1

So you ask what's soul lounge? . It is a soul lounge easy really. If you love your soul (that's new soul or dance) this will be up your street . some call it US garage but you make up your mind . its a up tempo mix and I am sure if you love your music you'll really (ok ok just download it I am sure you got the point

so here is the list of song it starts of with bmp 132 ( beats per min ) Warning your feet will not stop moving ( I am of again ill stop now

Soul Lounge 1
Portuguese love - Bah Amba
Free - Stephanie mills
Fall in love - Tortured soul
Right here - Seek
What am i going to do - Jimmy sommers
Too much too late - Dee Johnson
sunshine - incognito
whatever it takes - Angela Johnson
25th Chapter - incognito
My door is open - Carleen anderson
U dont want my love - Donald McCollum
Taste of bitter love - Dinfluence
Rescue me - Full flava
You know our day will come - Brenda Russell

Bit rat 125

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

R&B mix

Here is a good R&B mix. If you are having a party or just want to have something loud to play in the car . none of this mixs are available commercially . so have fun with the tunes . there is no DJ voice overs or anything . the link at the end of this post will take you to the download site

Letoya torn

Bossy - Kellis

zone Daddy yankee

Hands up - Lloyd banks

Enough Cryin - Mary J Bliige

U and that - E40

Deja Vu - Beyonce

Crazy - Gnarls barkleys

smack that - Akon

so what - Field mod

Get up - Ciara

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Soul mix 3

All of us who are in to Soul funk R&B We are always looking for them tunes that makes us feel up will I have put this mix together hoping its got that up feel . All the tunes are from 2002 until 2007 so have fun let me no what you think . like normal follow the link at the bottom of this page to get the mix and you need winrar or win zip

Golden Lady - Frank McComb
More - Syleena johnson Ft Anthony Hamilton
Walkafteru - Aura jackson
He makes me say - Syleena johnson
Watching you Avani
Dj dont - Gerald Levert
Wanna Get up with you - Gerald Levert
Glowing Growing - Tashas World
Joy - Trina Broussard
Nobody Knows me - Aya
Ho - Janita
Aint for free - Paul MaCinnes
Keep on keepin on unified tribe
Fall into love - Black box - ya its true

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Slow jams 1

here it is slow jams 1 . its a blend of some of the best (to me) slow jams .not from now but old school stuff . its not really a mix as some would say just (will youll understand) . i dont think that slow jams should be mixs up just fade in fade out so you can get all the good sounds . i hate the mixs that all the way you can listen to the dj say this is dj bla bla youll get nothing like this on my stuff so now its up to you enjoy Ps links at the end of this post

Slow jam 1

Taxi - J blackfoot

For the love of you - The Isley brotheres

In the mood - Tyrone Davis

Why can we be lovers - Lamont Dozier

Loves call - Zingara

Tasty love - Freddie jackson

Lost and turned out - Whispers

Let me be close to you - The Valentine Brothers

Groove with me - The Isley Brotheres

Come go with me - Teddy pendergrass

My ho my - Barry white

September - Barry

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Soul mix 2

so heres some cool soul for the day . it was about 30 mins in the making so hope you like it

slowly - Jil scott

always - George

knowing you - Nathan prime

Georgy porgy - Eric benet

Weekend - Kenny lattimore

Souolsisstah girl - george

After the party - Koffee Brown

This i promose you - Dinfluence

amazing - Chante moore

Everday - the sunburst band

funk Mix 3 with a touch of soul

Hers Funk Mix 3 with a touch of soul . hope you like it. To the people that have emailed me about soul 2 its on its way all from 2000 up - thanks for all the nice emails keep them coming

Give it up - the jacksons
I really dont need the light - jeffrey osborn
I just got to have you - Kashif
im in love - lillo
loves comin at ya - melba moore
dont think about it - one way
takes a little time - total contrast
share the night world premiere
the beat is mine . vivky D
this must be the night - BT express
Imagination - BB & Q band
im in love - Evelyn king

Friday, 23 February 2007

soul mix

hers a nice littel soul mix so no list but its all form 2000 till now

funk mix 2

nice littel one here enjoy


Who do you love - Bernard wright
Tell me how it feels - 52 street
Hanging on a string mix - Losse ends
curious - Midnight star
we need love - cashmere
give me your love - Active force
Tossing and turning - windjammers
love me like this - Real to reel
Spend the night - cool notes
you can have your cake and eat it to Brenda taylor
Lets funk tongiht - blue feathers
its over - funk masters

funk mix 1

Hers a nice funk mix

You know how to love me - Phyllis Hyman
Its must be love - Alton McClain & destiny
More Bounce to the Ounce - Zapp
Seventh Heaven - Gwen Guthrie
Block party - Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill
High hopes - SOS band
Let’s Celebrate - Skyy
It must be magic - Teena Marie
Just a touch - Slave
Take your time – SOS band
Djs Delight - Ingram
Galaxy – War
I’m Glad that you’re here - Alphonse Mouzon